Videos of Accepted Papers

Coupled or Decoupled Evaluation for Group Recommendation Methods?

Ladislav Peska and Ladislav Maleček

Evaluating recommender systems with and for children: towards a multi-perspective framework

Emilia Gómez, Vicky Charisi and Stephane Chaudron

MOCHI: an Offline Evaluation Framework for Educational Recommendations

Chunpai Wang, Shaghayegh Sahebi and Peter Brusilovsky

Modeling Online Behavior in Recommender Systems: The Importance of Temporal Context

Milena Filipovic, Blagoj Mitrevski, Diego Antognini, Emma Lejal Glaude, Boi Faltings and Claudiu Musat

On Evaluating Session-Based Recommendation with Implicit Feedback

Fernando Diaz

Prediction Accuracy and Autonomy

Anton Angwald, Kalle Areskoug and Alan Said

Recommender systems meet species distribution modelling

Indre Zliobaite

Sequence or Pseudo-Sequence? An Analysis of Sequential Recommendation Datasets

Daniel Woolridge, Sean Wilner and Madeleine Glick

Statistical Inference: The Missing Piece of RecSys Experiment Reliability Discourse

Ngozi Ihemelandu and Michael Ekstrand

Time-dependent Evaluation of Recommender Systems

Teresa Scheidt and Joeran Beel

Toward Benchmarking Group Explanations: Evaluating the Effect of Aggregation Strategies versus Explanation

Francesco Barile, Shabnam Najafian, Tim Draws, Oana Inel, Alisa Rieger, Rishav Hada and Nava Tintarev

Unboxing the Algorithm with Understandability: On Algorithmic Experience in Music Recommender Systems

Anna Marie Schröder and Maliheh Ghajargar